Outdoor Kindergarten Home Study Program



AnnieJoshua 2014 cropped2When children join our Cherry Blossom Outdoor / Home Study Hybrid Kindergarten Class, they are able to enjoy the nurturing environment of their home as well as a healthy interaction with other children in an outdoor setting. The Class meets three times a week for an outdoor kindergarten experience allowing the children to socialize and have an experience away from their parents.

Families are provided materials and a curriculum inspired by Waldorf education to implement in the home on the days that the childern are not present at school.  They also participate in parent evenings once a month with the teacher and meet regularly one on one to discuss their child's progress and individual needs.

Cherry Blossom Outdoor Kindergarten Home Study Program
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Rhythm

8:15 Bell rings, families form a circle on the stepping stones outside.

  • Circle Time

8:45 Nature Walk from Golden Valley River School to Norma Hamlin Park (Tues) and Lake Natoma (Thurs). On campus (Weds).
       • Play
       • Craft
       • Games

10:15 Snack
       • Aussie Bites (Tuesday), Soup Cooked on the Campfire Stove (Wednesday), and Yummy Bars (Thursday)
       • Fruit/Vegetables/Hot Tea

10:45 Story/Rest

11:15 Return to Campus/Community Building Game

12:00 Goodbye


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