Our kindergarten program provides surroundings and a curriculum designed to develop the listening and speaking skills, imagination and social skills of the kindergarten age child. This is done through storytelling, puppet plays, the acting out of stories, songs and poetry that contain rich language and pictorial images. Through this process, listening comprehension and vocabulary are developed in the children, which is the basis for later learning and reading comprehension in the grades. The children also partake in creative free play and artistic and hands-on activities.



The Afternoon Kindergarten Home Study Hybrid Program


The Ladybug Afternoon Kindergarten Home Study program offers three days a week where the child may experience a typical kindergarten day with their teacher. This enables those children, who are also educated at home, to engage in a social school experience away from their parents. There will be many opportunities for parents to volunteer and be a part of the program, as well. Families are provided materials and curriculum inspired by Waldorf education to implement in the home on the days that the children are not present at school. They also participate in parent evenings once a month with the teacher and meet regularly one on one to discuss their child’s progress and individual needs.

 Schedule: M,T,W: 12:30 -3:30pm



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