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We are eager to announce that Tuesday, November 28th kicks off our exciting annual program: “Week of Giving.”
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As many of you may know, Tuesday the 28th is the nationally celebrated “Giving Tuesday.” This special day is designed to support and shed light on all the great charities in our communities. As opposed to the consumerism of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” this is a day to celebrate nonprofit organizations by donating to your favorite charities. During this season of gratitude, it's important to remember what is truly important and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating that theme during our “Week of Giving.”

We may be biased, but our favorite nonprofit charity is Golden Valley Educational Foundation (GVEF) and all gifts to GVEF are fully tax deductible and go directly to our schools, supporting the programs that make our schools a unique Waldorf experience.  


 The Kindergarten faculty of Golden Valley invite you to a Festival Renewal Meeting on Monday, October 23rd from 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. in the Orchard School MP Room.  Since the first impulse of the two campuses came to be what we now know as the Orchard and River Schools of Golden Valley nearly 5 years ago, those holding the festival life have been working to find resonance and placement with each school community

Dear Orchard Families, or in French, “Bonjour!Baker John 00295

In a few weeks, the Orchard sailboat will start to enter the fall season.  I am sure we all look forward to cooler weather and to a time when the trees gently let go of their colorful leaves.  Actually, I can’t wait to eat a delicious apple pie from the farms of Apple Hills. Enjoy the remainder of the summer!!

As the School Principal, I welcome you again to the Orchard School. Every day, I see the children entering the school with joy, excitement, and willingness to learn as their teachers greet them each morning with a handshake. A few things that are happening at our school:  

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