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Mrs. Keyser Petty has served the Golden Valley community in many ways: as class parent for her son (now a graduate of Golden Valley), as Golden Valley Educational Foundation (GVEF) president, office sub, and most recently as the Handwork Specialist for 5th thru 8th grade. She learned everything she knows about Handwork from her Mom-mom (grandmother), and she thanks her for instilling a love all things handwork!

We would like to thank her for bringing that love and passion of all things handwork to not only the students she taught, but to the beautification and unification of our community. Remembrances of her various contributions and teachings surround the Golden Valley River School multipurpose room. Every art piece painted, mosaicked, woven and sewn hangs up high on the walls overlooking each Friday gathering and serving as homage to her teachings.

One of the most monumental art pieces is the hand carved wooden sign she made with the first graduating K-8 class of Golden Valley. The sign was created and installed in 2008 in front of the River School drop off loop. On the back of the sign are names carefully carved by the hands of each eighth grade student. She has ensured that year after year the sign was re-sealed to preserve its freshness.

Over the past eight years, this sign has served as a marker to the successfulness of our school communities and is currently archived in the River School garden. Farmer Matt has offered to continue re-sealing and preserving the sign for all in the Golden Valley community to see and for returning alumni to visit.


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