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On the evening of April 26th during the San Juan Unified School District Board meeting, fifth graders Esther Sullivan and Wyatt Kerr stood up to communicate the importance of our May Day Festival and to personally invite members of the board. Third graders Seneca Ikemire and Grace Kerr and first grader Kusha Hosseinion stood up as well.

Each of these students presented handmade invitations for each board member.  Golden Valley Orchard School teachers Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Cortez, and Ms. Hidden coordinated the making of the student invitations.

As a result of these heartfelt, personal and handmade invitations, the SJUSD Board President Pam Costa came to the May Day Festival and celebrated with us! Way to go Golden Valley Orchard School students!

Teacher and parent Stephanie Lorenz spotted Ms. Costa walking through the River School open house during the May Day festival.  Sarah Sullivan, Spruce Tree teacher, and Stephanie Lorenz approached Ms. Costa with Ms. Lorenz’s daughter, Grace Kerr, and welcomed and thanked her for attending.  Ms. Costa said that the only reason she came to the May Day festival was because she received a personal, hand delivered invitation.

What an excellent opportunity for Golden Valley Charter Schools and Waldorf education to shine! Thank you to CCSA Families Representative Tracy Ikemire who has worked diligently to forge connections between Golden Valley and the wider community, and also to the parents of these brave and enthusiastic Orchard School Students! You are shining examples of commitment for us all!

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