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Congratulations to Kendra Seagraves of 6th grade. Kendra won the yearbook cover art contest. When asked about her art piece, Kendra wrote:

"When making art, I can be pretty hard on myself. At first, I really didn't like this painting. My mom convinced me to submit it and then I actually won!! I really didn't think I would, considering that the entire school could enter the contest. I wanted to do a painting of a landscape because it covers more space and it's still fine if it's split in half for a cover. I then, with this thought in mind, searched for ideas. That's when I came across this beautiful landscape. One thing I like about this image is how vibrant the colors are. For example, the fiery pigments  of the overhanging leaves, and the shades of green for the bushes create a stunning image. All the different colors remind me of all the different people in this school. We each have our own unique colors, but when we come together we create a stunning community."










The Orchard Yearbook Cover art:


Yearbook Cover Winner 2019


The Orchard School thanks all students for submitting art for the yearbook contest. 

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