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On the Friday before Martin Luther King Day, we had an assembly. Many teachers and students participated in this celebration. The sixth graders told Dr. King's life story and Charlie, an 8th grader, shared his thoughts about equality and Martin Luther King Jr. Here is what he had to say in front of the school:


An 8th Grader’s Thoughts on Equality

By Charlie MacDonald

When most people think of equality they think of everyone being treated the same, or equal. No matter their skin color, gender, sexuality, able bodiedness, or economic background, everyone is treated the same. We live in a world where that is actively being achieved, fought for, and debated. But equality to me involves more. We can't all be treated equally without addressing equity. Ex: if you give a group of people a key and a lock, they all have the potential to open it. However, some people don't have the hands to unlock it, some are blind and cannot see it, some might not know how to use the key. That’s not fair or equitable because they don’t all have the same start. Martin Luther King Jr fought for equality as well as equity, and I will too. Equality isn’t enough. Equality needs to be more than just a key and a lock, it needs to create a world where everyone has the building blocks to use that key.

A big thank you to Charlie for sharing his thoughts and wisdom. We are grateful. We truly do have students develop to their highest potential so they will one day actively create and participate in a vibrant, healthy society that serves the good of all.

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