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Natalie Mozdzen of Willow Tree 7th grade submitted an art piece for the yearbook cover art contest.

When asked about her art piece, Natalie wrote:

“I had no idea that this art piece would ever win the contest, ever be put in the school’s yearbook cover. There are so many talented people in the school. At first I didn’t even care about the contest, but then my mom convinced me to at least try. So I tried and won!! I wanted to do something meaningful. I did a river and a sky with blue, white and red. I wanted to express the red as the hard times we have in our life. The blue was to be the sadness that creeps in, and the white is the hope. The red and blue lurk into the white, but the hope stays strong. I think it should give a message to people, to always have hope. When we would do paintings at school, we always put so many different colors and shades in our creations. My amazing teacher, Ms. Hidden, is a very talented artist who teaches us different techniques as styles of painting. I started out, not really knowing what I was doing. I just started to paint red, then I incorporated the orange, then a hint of yellow. White and blue soon followed. I imagined a river flowing through, so I brought it in. The tree was a final touch to give it some nature. It took me a while to paint this piece, but it was worth it.

I really like my school, and what it shows, teaches, and gives to the students here. My school was my main inspiration. I think I would name this piece The Hope Filled River. “








 The Hope Filled River

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The Orchard School thanks all students for submitting art for the yearbook contest.

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